Taste, health, and convenience – oh my goodness!


It’s not often that a delicious comfort food is actually good for you, but with Pure n Cure we have brought you just that, plus the convenience of pre-made.

This is not your average packaged, plasticky-tasting pre-made product—this is real food made FRESH from real ingredients. And they are all good for you.

All our natural ingredients are the same ones you would buy from the store (go on, check our ingredient list) so you know there are no hidden nasties; just goodness.

As a couple, we created Pure n Cure because we like to eat healthy foods and use products that are good for our health and wellbeing. However, with our extremely busy careers, there were many times when we would just grab a takeaway for dinner.    

Pankaj has a passion for food and does the cooking at home. This passion grew as our relationship did, and we found a common obsession with the Dal he used to eat when he was a child.    

As this Dal is now our all-time favourite dish, we wanted this to be Pure n Cure’s first product. It is super healthy, super tasty, and super fresh.  Our busy lifestyle hasn’t changed much, but it is definitely that little bit more convenient now, without compromising on health!

We can’t wait to expand our line of Pure n Cure products in the future.  This is just the start! Oh my goodness!

Ready to experience the taste and benefits of our delicious food?